Okay, so I haven't posted in AGES. But in my defense, my laptop is broken. All the wine and chocolate I spilt on it finally upset it and now it just hates me.

Okaay. So, narrative. Really I should be going through and editing them all right now, but I love avoiding work, and I've done most of them, and I'm pretty bored of Photoshop and need a break, so I'm doing this instead.

So, my narrative is Night Terror by Laura Marling, which I think I've already said on here. Getting models was a bit of a hassel with everyone suddenly wanting to go home whenever I tried to shoot them, but I managed to get Keeley, and as Eddie was up, he had to be in my work too.

I'm only putting one picture up for now as I really do need to get back to what I'm supposed to be doing, but here is a nice picture of Keeley. She was pretty upset with me at the time because it was about midnight at Stanley park and it was very very cold. And she only had her pajamas on. Sorrry Keeley.


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