Shootin' some B-ball.

Okay. So I have had the best day I have had in a long, long time today. And to be fair, Karma owed me.
Extensive list of good things that happened to me today :
1. I woke up at a reasonable time ( 9 o'clock!). Even though I was drunk last night. Get me.
2. I went to a lecture. The lecture was good.
3. I found a new photographer I like.
4. It was actually sunny in Blackpool for once!
5. I went to Stanley Park and watched the guys play basketball. It was nice and sunny. Mmm.
6. I FOUND MY PHONE! Which I thought I had lost after a very, very drunken Friday night with Eddie.
7. I handed my work in late, and Alan wasn't the slightest mad. I love Alan.
8. I heard someone playing the original version of Heartbeats in their car in a traffic jam. That was nice.
9. Because it was nice and warm I had a Frescata at Costa. God I love them.
10. My heating started working, suddenly.
11. I had a lovely nap.

And I think all of this relates to the two magpies I saw. Y'know, for joy and that.

I only have two photos from today. I spent the rest of my time being happy that I was actually having a nice day for once. I did have some absolutely brilliant pictures of Dan, but I feel that Lee has put up enough of them already, so I won't subject Dan to any more bullying ;P

I also went home at the weekend. It was mental, as weekends with Edward Green often are. The Saturday started with a very Skins-style escape from some random guys house and jumping in the car, when his mum started shouting about something. I can't remember what because I was absolutely wasted, still. That hangover. Oh. My. God. Thankfully Kirsty and Eddie saved me from it, fed me Shreddies, more alcohol, and took me out again. I love my friends.
Here is a picture of my cat to represent my weekend back in the village. My cat is lovely.


Thanks for sparing me any more embarrassment... unlike Lee.
I quite like the one of the ball, it has a good abstractness to it that i like.

19 March 2009 at 11:43  

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