Stanley Park

Me and Lee were having a pretty boring Sunday. So we decided to go out and play with our cameras.
This is only the second time I've ever been to Stanley Park, and I've decided that Blackpool is far too cold for short shorts. But I'm going to carry on wearing them anyway. It gives me something to complain about, and I do enjoy complaining.
Stanley Park is quite nice. Possibly the only nice place in Blackpool. Minus the beach. I sort of like the beach. Reminds me of Cleethorpes, only you don't have to walk for 5 miles before you see the sea. Only right now its far too cold to even go near the beach, I hate the wind here.
Stanley park reminds me a little bit of Normanby Hall back home. Only if you maybe replaced the geese for peacocks and put deer in it instead of a boating lake. So it's really nothing like Normanby Hall. I'm seriously homesick, and I think it's making me delusional.

Played about with these two in photoshop. Not sure how keen I am on the second one though.

This isn't a very good photo. Me and lee realised how hard it is to actually photograph animals today. They just move so much! How do I get them to keep still?
But anyway, like I said, not a very good photo, I just like geese. I want one as a pet. Are you allowed to keep geese as pets?


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