Large format.

This is the first ever picture I've taken with a large format camera :

Hah, nothing special. But I'm pretty pleased with it anyway.

We're using the 5x4's to take some abstract stuff at the minute. I don't perticululy like abstract, nor am I very good at it, but here are a couple of my attempts.

A candle.

And a lightbulb from my room.

And now I have to go and write all this up. Abstract is boring. I'm much more looking forward to the new brief...

Back in the pool.

Okay, so I'm back at Uni after Christmas now.
Unfortunately I haven't taken any pictures over Christmas to put up like I was hoping to, as I got a new camera but the shutter is broken in it (we think) and the place we bought it from are being awkward about replacing it with a working one. Ah well. Photos when that's sorted.

In other news I hate doing essays. And Modernism.

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