Jumping on the bandwagon

Okay. Decided to make a blog along with everyone else. Could be interesting? Possibly not.

I'll start with the first project we did (and have now finished) at college.
I hated everything I photographed (I think a lot of people did), but here are two images I sort of liked, but they didn't make the final piece because I didn't think they fitted with the brief very well, which was documenting the lives and culture of people of Blackpool.

Here's Greta eating some candyfloss and not looking all too happy about it. Apparently she was on a diet and couldn't eat it. But she broke the 'diet' about 10 minutes later when we all went for fish and chips around the corner.

And here's Lee, who properly went for the candyfloss.

The reason they didn't make the final piece was because I didn't think that photographing my two housemates was really capturing the lives and culture of the people of Blackpool.
Also, the final pieces had to have been done on colour positive film, and these were done on digital.


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